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One-day Workshop
March 3rd, 2018
This studio workshop is for adults who want to improve painting skills. Beginner, intermediate or advanced levels are all welcome. Having some painting skills would be a definite asset. We will be landscape painting on the grounds of the St. Mary’s Retreat Centre. Acrylics, traditional oil or water miscible paints may be used depending on student preference. Age range for students from 18 and up. This workshop would require students having their own materials (List provided) and able to carry their own equipment. (Help may be available) Grounds are a moderate level of difficulty. Weather is not predictable so there will be an option to paint indoors if need be. The workshop is designed to help students understand basic fundamentals of plein air painting. Sharpen skills of observation and learn how to create value studies, sketches and practicing techniques as demonstrated by the instructor. Artist materials will be discussed and recommended. Painting demo is provided and students receive one on one as well as group instruction.
If the weather is inclement, we will make use of the studio, where students can work on their personally chosen subjects.
Sam Paonessa
This is a one-day workshop
March 3, 2018
10:00am - 4:00pm
Level: Some Painting Experience Required, 18+
Medium: Recommended Oil
$110.00 + HST
With a warm fire and hot lunch
Instructor: Sam Paonessa
Location: 436 Wilson Street East, Ancaster, Ontario
Phone: 905-648-6199

Five Days en Plein Air
Acrylic & Oil

June 25th – 29th, 2018
Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting
Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting
In this workshop, you will engage in the fundamental aspects of painting outdoors, focusing on principles such as tone, colour, form, texture and composition.  
Demonstrations, individual attention, helpful hints and gentle critique will increase your creative confidence.  This course will be valuable for artists of all levels of painting and drawing experience.  
Work in an environment that encourages individual freedom and expression.  Demonstrations will be in oil but acrylic painters will be easily accommodated
  Date: Monday June 25th to Friday June 29th
Time: 8:30am to 4:00pm
Location: St. Paul's Church - 20 Russell St E, Thornbury, Ontario
Price: $325.00  (art supplies not included)
For more details on this workshop and to register:

Summer Plein Air Landscape Workshops
Plein Air Landscape Painting - Introductory
July 30th through August 3rd
Engage in the fundamental aspects of painting outdoors while exploring the artistic and creative opportunities of the landscape. Instruction will address painting principles such as tone, color, form, texture and composition. Demonstrations, individual attention, and encouragement will increase your creative confidence and style. This course is suitable whether you have limited painting and drawing experience or if you are an experienced painter planning to further develop skills. You are invited to work with acrylic or oil paint in an environment that encourages individual freedom and expression. Weather permitting, the majority of class time will be held outdoors.
Sam Paonessa Plein Air
Course: ARTS2035
: July 30th - August 3rd • Mon to Fri - 9:00am to 4:30pm
47.5 hours
Location: Haliburton Campus
Price: $360.06

Plein Air Landscape Painting - Intermediate/Advanced
August 6th through August 10th
Improve your plein air painting skills through concentrated time in the field. Solidify painting principles and techniques, and develop visual editing skills as you push the boundaries of your skills. Review fundamentals and learn to have fun with the challenges of landscape painting. You are invited to work with acrylic or oil paint in an environment that encourages individual freedom and expression. Be prepared to work outdoors and note that some locations may require walking and transporting painting equipment.
Please note: This course is not suitable for beginners. Plein air experience is required.
Sam Paonessa Plein Air Workshop
Course: ARTS2173  
: August 6th to August 10th • Mon to Fri 9:00am to 4:30pm
Length: 47.5 hours
 Location: Haliburton Campus
Price: $360.06

Past Workshops

Morocco - Sam Paonessa
Morocco - Sam Paonessa
With Sam Paonessa
Morocco - Sam Paonessa
Morocco en Plein Air -  Sam Paonessa
Workshop Artists Sook Chang, Sam Paonessa and Zora Buchanan
Morocco en Plein Air -  Sam Paonessa  
Morocco en Plein Air -  Sam Paonessa
Tetouan Museum of Fine Art
Plein Air in Chefchaouen
Morocco en Plein Air -  Sam Paonessa  
Morocco en Plein Air -  Sam Paonessa
Zora Sketching
Plein Air in Tetouan
Morocco en Plein Air -  Sam Paonessa
Exhibition Night at the Green Olive Studio
Sam, Sook, Zora and School Director, Jeff McRobbie
Morocco en Plein Air -  Sam Paonessa

Sudbury Art Club Workshop
A first time trip to Sudbury turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Sudbury Art Club invited me to conduct a weekend workshop, which was a real pleasure; a wonderful, friendly, warm group of artists who enjoy learning and appreciated the information that was shared. We had some fun and I was even awarded with a trophy for being one of their favourite instructors. Thanks Sudbury Art Club!
Proudly hoisting my trophy "Playoff" style!
Sudbury Art Club Members
Class Demo
Hard at work
Critique Time

Workshop Student Comments
"Great tips, instruction, guidance. Would sign up for another workshop." L.P.
"Relaxing, informative and most of all inspirational." A.B.
"Thank you for your insightful instruction and the inspiration of your paintings." P.G
"Great information in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Thank you!" B.G.

Plein Air Workshop at Willowpond Inn, Orono Ontario
One day workshop at Willowpond Bed and Breakfast
Participants enjoyed a glorious day at this secluded pond on the
Willowpond property
Left to right Sook, Michaela, Luisa and Rotraud
Rotraud finds a quiet spot
Sook with her beautiful painting
Michaela painting the Willow pond
We had a fabulous outing with a gourmet meal to top off the end of the day prepared my Marta and Lech Jaworski at the Willowpond Inn.
For those interested in the Willowpond and / or painting there call 1-888-732-3265 or email:
Workshop Student Testimonials
"I LOVED it. I came home so excited and eager to learn more. Your instruction was informative and respectful. Despite my lack of knowledge and experience, I never felt like I was "just a newbie". I learnt an enormous amount and realized how much more I need to learn before I can consider myself a REAL artist! I would love to do more lessons with you and will look into it…"
Debbie Moolman
"I found it very enjoyable and informative. I appreciated your help along the way - particularly showing me some actual brush techniques and tricks, eg loading the brush with multiple colours then turning the brush while painting a stroke to distribute the different colours smoothly. You are very upbeat and encouraging - very important to students who are not too sure of their own progress or ability."
Ala Baker
"Sam Paonessa is a warm, generous, and sensitive person, and a very good artist! The atmosphere in his classroom is friendly, supportive, and non-competitive. Sam works with each individual at their own level, offering very good advice and help in producing some really amazing paintings. With his vast experience, he can so often see just what isn’t working and show you how to fix it! He also does painting demonstrations and brings in great reference materials to paint from along with examples of his own paintings to ponder (and be jealous of!). It’s been a real pleasure being in his class, which is why I keep signing up, session after session."
Kathy White

One Day Workshop at Edward's Gardens, Toronto
Ala Baker and Sook painting at Edward's Gardens, Toronto

Ontario Society of Artists 140th Anniversary Excursion to Killarney
Shown are some photos and paintings from a retreat in
Killarney Provincial Park.
John Stuart Pryce, Rick Taylor with Sam at George Lake, Killarney Provincial Park
"George Lake" - 12 x 16
"Georgian Grey" - 12 x 16
"Killarney Red" - 12 x 16
"Morning Rain" - 6 x 12
"Pink and Red, Georgian Bay"
Painting at George Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

Over the past few years, Sam has conducted painting workshops and demonstrations for a number of Artist Groups in the GTA.
These groups include:
The Markham Group of Artists
The Thornhill Group of Artists
The Scarborough Arts Guild
The Willowdale Group of Artists
For more information on attending workshops or arranging
a workshop for your group, contact Sam Paonessa at:
sam @


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